About Us

If you are looking for turning your used or unwanted hardware resources into cash then look no further. IconCube is the perfect destination that serves your purpose. We are into buying and selling the hardware products that cannot be used by the owner/organization as they are outdated or in surplus.

Here you can simply sell/buy the computer hardware resources

IconCube is all about buying/selling the following hardware resources like

Marcus Doe

Servers (New/Old)

From HP to DELL, IBM, CISCO, or any other brands in between.

Elena Taylor

Storage Devices

RAM, Hard Drive, etc.

Cris Nilson

Network Equipments

Router, Switch, etc.

Why choose IconCube?

Best Monetary Value

We provide you the best value for the hardware resources/equipments that you sell.

Peace Of Mind

IconCube provides you with the perfect solution for vending out your unused hardware.

No Extra Expenditure

Eliminate the extra cost of storing the outdated or unused hardware equipments.

The details are not the details They make the design


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